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Saluting Those Who Have Served

By Larry Dawalt, M. Div., BCC, Senior Director of Spiritual & Grief Care Services

There are many reasons I am proud to work for Hospice & Palliative Care Charlotte Region, but one of the most significant is how our organization is at the forefront of providing end of life care for Veterans.

As we celebrate Veterans Day, our organization salutes the many men and women who have served in our armed forces and we say a big THANK YOU for all you have done to help preserve the freedoms upon which our country was founded. At the same time, today is an appropriate day for we at HPCCR to renew our commit to provide care for veterans at the end of life. We want you to know that each year, we provide education to our staff about veteran issues- both physical and mental/emotional, work to build relationships with those who have served and give them opportunities to come together, and work with regional and national end of life care organizations to make sure we have the latest information about the needs of veterans and their families.

Our organizational commitment is important now, but for me, it’s important for the future because I am the father of an active-duty Army officer. Chances are, I’ll be long gone before he needs end of life care. But the commitment of our organization and others like it will ensure that if he needs end of life care, he’ll receive it from a team that understands veteran issues, knows how to care for his family, and genuinely appreciates the sacrifices he/they have made for this country.

One last thing. I will be making a phone call today to thank him for his service. I hope you will do the same to a veteran you know, whether it be family, friend, neighbor, work acquaintance or another veteran. I could write all day about the sacrifices I know of, but what most veterans appreciate are simple, but genuine words of thanks. And if your veteran has already passed on or they died in battle, take a moment of silence for them and maybe get someone to share it with you.

Veterans Day is about them, but it’s also about all of us who carry the spirit of freedom within us; and organizations like HPCCR who make a sincere effort to make sure veterans receive the kind of care they deserve.

Happy Veterans Day! Salute!


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