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Everyday Ways to Give

Give back to our community just by completing your to-do list.

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Enhanced Care Programs

Enhanced Care Programs

Enhanced care programs for the person living with dementia...

Our "Enhanced Care for the Person Living with Dementia" is a patient and family-centered program created by VIA Health Partners to meet the needs of individuals living with dementia. Our social workers employ a multi-sensory approach to communicate with our patients.

Within this program, we have had particular success and rewarding results with the use of iPad technology.  Even our most unresponsive patients have interacted with a social worker using an iPad.  In addition to providing staff the opportunity to develop a relationship with patients, this technology has also allowed families to reconnect with a loved one who may have previously been unresponsive. A diagnosis of dementia can be frightening for a family, but this new program offers a glimpse of the loved one they know is still there.

In order to offer even better care to our patients living with dementia, VIA Health Partners has a goal of purchasing iPads for all of our social workers.  You can help us reach this goal by clicking here to make a gift to fund this meaningful project.  

Fundraising Events

Fundraising Events

Meaningful events to keep us going in our mission...

Funds raised at our special events allow us to care for anyone in our community who needs expert end-of-life care.  By attending our events, you are supporting our efforts to help individuals in need, and helping us provide quality education and grief support free of charge to the counties we serve. 

Many VIA Health Partners events are fun, some are educational, and a few are thought-provoking and filled with feeling. But all are meaningful. 


We encourage you to join us at the various events we hold throughout the year, which include:

Visit our Events Page to view upcoming events and details or, to learn more, contact our Director of Special Events at 704.335.4312.

*Indicates a partner event.

Social Media

Social Media

Your social media support helps to spread the word in our local communities...

Want to do some good while you're checking your social media accounts? Follow our pages to help spread the word about our services and upcoming fundraising events in our local communities. So many still have no idea that compassionate hospice care, palliative care, grief & bereavement services, our Chameleon's Journey Camp for children and teens, our Volunteer Program, and so much more are available to them.

Thrift Store Donations

Thrift Store Donations

Decluttering? Schedule a Thrift Store donation pick-up...

We have two Thrift Stores available to accept donations. For larger items, or larger donations, they can also be contacted to pick up items. Visit our Thrift Store page for more information.

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