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Your Gift Makes a Difference

There are so many special ways to give...whether attending a fundraising event like Soup On Sunday, purchasing a Memory Bell, or making a donation, every dollar goes directly to support us in our mission to help individuals in need, free of charge.

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Your gift helps...

Reach a Growing Region

Reach a Growing Region

With clinical teams serving 32 counties across the Carolinas, your donation helps expand our services into rural areas ensuring access to excellent clinical end-of-life care.

Serve the Uninsured

Your gift helps us care for the most fragile among us and fulfills our patient promise, calling on our best efforts to serve all regardless of medical complexity or ability to pay. 

Serve the Uninsured
Deliver Pediatric Care

Deliver Pediatric Care

Through your support, we ensure children and families have the resources they need when they need it most.

Support Caregivers

Our social workers, chaplains and six Hospice Houses support patients and families across a spectrum of need and give caregivers the tools and resources to weather difficult times.

Support Caregivers
Fund Innovation

Fund Innovation

The practice of hospice and palliative medicine is an evolving field, and your gift helps to ensure VIA Health Partners remains on the innovative edge.  Whether it is investments in telemedicine or other technologies, VIA looks for ways to deliver on its Patient Promise through timely, accurate and personalized care.

Palliative Medicine Consultants

Often the first few steps toward end-of-life care begin under the umbrella of palliative medicine.  Charitable support ensures VIA Health Partners can offer personalized palliative care, through trained physicians, nurse practitioners, and other staff, while patients still pursue curative outcomes.

Palliative Medicine Consultants
Chameleon's Journey Grief Camp

Chameleon's Journey Grief Camp

Donations to VIA Health Partners also fund our annual grief camp for children ages 7-17 years who have recently lost a loved one. This weekend camp is free of charge to campers.

Personal & Community Grief Care

Gifts from the community not only ensure VIA Health Partners patient families receive compassionate support, but also guarantees our ability to offer this service to anyone in our 32-county service area at no cost.

Personal & Community Grief Care
Professional & Community Education

Professional & Community Education

Professional certifications and ongoing education helps to build a clinical team that can deliver on VIA Health Partners' Patient Promise. Seminars, speaking engagements and educational opportunities help to educate the public on the complexities of hospice and palliative medicine. Community support helps pay for this valuable service.

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